WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallel Survey

The WISP survey is a large Hubble Space Telescope pure parallel program with the WFC3 G102 and G141 infrared grisms. The broad, continuous, spectral coverage of the G102 and G141 grisms provides the best currently feasible measurement of the star formation rate continuously from 0.5<z<2.5.

The primary WISP science goals are:

(1) Measure the star formation history over the last 10 billion years,

(2) Probe galaxy clustering on Mpc scales at z=1-2,

  1. (3)Constrain the evolution of dust extinction and metallicity as a function of mass and luminosity,

  2. (4)Conduct a serendipitous search for highly luminous z>6 Lya emitters.

The current release of the data products is available on the data page.

STSci MAST data release available here


WISP data release on MAST here.