WFC3 Infrared Spectroscpic Parallel Survey


The WISP team are continuing continues to release data products to MAST, which is available here.

This includes all reduced fields from cycle 17, 18 (released in 2015), 19, 20 (scheduled release in August, 2016). Each tarball consists of the following:

• Direct near-IR imaging (F110W, F140W, & F160W)

• Direct UVIS imaging if available (F475X & F600LP)

• The near-IR grisms imaging (G102 and G141)

• Photometric catalogs based on the WFC3-IR observations

  1. Extracted 1d grism spectra for all detections in each field

We also provide enhanced data products on a per request basis, please contact Sophia Dai (ydai at ipac.caltech.edu) to make a retrieval request:

• Stamp cutouts of the grism images for each detection 

The methodology of spectral extraction is outlined in H. Atek, et al. 2010, ApJ 723, 104. Not every field contains all bands and/or grisms. For more information, read the readme file in the above linked location. Also, read the pdf in that directory for a listing of fields.

The raw WFC3 data are also available to the public through the HST archive.

The Program IDs for downloading the raw data from the archive are:

Cycle 17: 11696

Cycle 18: 12283

Cycle 19: 12568

Cycle 20: 12902

Cycle 21: 13352, 13517

Cycle 23: 14178

The WISPS team will continue to release both low and high level data products.

For our 2014 release of enhanced data products click here.

For our 2015 data release you can also find a copy here.